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Business is communication. Since 1972, we have said that every part of your business is connected to every other part. That is even more true at the speed of business today. Learn how to keep you message in pace with your customers' demands.

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Herb Hoffman

99 IDEAS.net Senior Writer

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Herb Hoffman is a business and technical communicator with a solid understanding of persuasion, business principles, IT systems and services, ITIL/ITSM and governance issues. He communicates well with executive and employee audiences across cultures, locations and lines of business.

Business Acceleration

Herb's experience in business management, B2B and consumer marketing, public relations, business change, and information technology is invaluable when the message has to get through. CIOs who have used his services are:

>>Tsvi Gal when he led the redesign of the Bank of America enterprise infrastructure and hardware architecture;

>>David Clementz, during the integration of three global IT infrastructures for the Chevron and Texaco merger;

>>Dennis Fishback, when Calpine IT won their third consecutive spot in the InformationWeek 500 for innovative and high-ROI solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Herb produces simple, direct rationales for change, as well as documentation for: Governance, Finance, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Payment Card Industry Compliance, IT Service Management, Enterprise Architecture, Application Development, Infrastructure Design and Management, Network Design and Management, IT System Operations, Information Security, Service Desk, Backup and Restore, Change Management, and Incident Management.


>>Business Value of Information Technology

>>Engaging communication plans

>>Branding and credible identities for products, services and programs

>>Reliable business and technical operations—simple instructions and procedures

>>Consistent methods for development, ITIL, ITSM, CMDB, and knowledge management

(IT Infrastructure Library, IT Service Management, Configuration Management Database)
Ketchup Adds Style to Vanity
I always know who I am when the ketchup’s on the table. H.J. Heinz manufactures their brand of the condiment with my name on the label. Vanity Ketchup.

For you, this could mean seeing your favorite phrase, pet’s name, or your own name on a case of the spicy sauce. This could also be a call for you to look for ways to customize your product for your customers. Now that flexible production lines have met with print-on-demand, industry is on the way to mass-produced customization.

To read more about expressions in condiments, check out the online public relations news daily, Bulldog Reporter. --HH

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